Created 10-Mar-11
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This would have been the 12th month of my 365 had I been able to continue it. Since it made me a bit nostalgic, I decided to go back and comb through my work over the last year and it made me want to share my favorites with everyone. Some of them I love because they represent my abilities as a photographer, but others are special simply because of the moment they were taken or the story attached to them.
DSC_0434-EditDSC_0855_3_4-2-EditDSC_0955DSC_1013DSC_1189-Edit365/4 - Can't See the EggsDSC_1328DSC_1645DSC_1702DSC_1779365/7- The Trinity Luchadors365/16 - Standing Up and Standing OutDSC_2342DSC_2428DSC_2496365/21 - Redux: Another Gifted Athlete365/21 - A Gifted Athlete365/32 - The Cunninghams365/35 - Cornered Against a Wall365/37 - Jumping for Joy